MAP-Expo is a global marketplace for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants. It is the exposition of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants.

During this event we will introduce a new concept called MAP-Business, where suppliers and buyers of medicinal and aromatic plants can meet and establish new business relations.

We created this survey in order to improve our Invitation Program and Matchmaking-Program. To do so, your participation is needed and appreciated.
When buying raw materials, how many suppliers do you contact? *

Are these suppliers located in one or several countries and in which countries?

What are your company's requirements/ criteria while selecting a supplier of raw plants? *

What are the approved methods of communication with suppliers? *

Is your company interested in establishing new business relations with suppliers? *

What kind of volume capabilities is your company looking for in a supplier? *

What are the top 3 plants that your company orders the most? *

What are the top 3 plants that your company is lacking of, that affects the company's production process? *

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